Transitioning From a Fax Server

Every medical practice should invest in a modern and dependable communication solution to enhance and optimize its operations. This will not only greatly simplify processes for everyone in your practice and boost productivity levels, but it will also help reduce costs. 

Faxing and communication technology have always been a major component of your practice's medical tech stack. However, you might be asking - if faxing and fax servers are outdated technologies and it's time to switch to a fax server alternative. Fax servers are becoming obsolete. Medical practices around the world continue to use desktop faxing like ActFax. Because they always have. And change is perceived as friction.

ActFax Alternative - Introducing Medsender

Cloud fax services are the fax server alternative that provides your practice with a secure and scalable internet-based faxing platform, eliminating the need to install additional equipment 

or set up costly servers. Additionally, cloud servers give you amazing benefits like a fast and easy transition, unparallel reliability, and clear and intuitive design. 

Unlike digital fax services, desktop fax servers often require added costs associated with equipment, supplies, and maintenance. In addition, they are notorious for crashing and require frequent reboots. Cloud-based fax solutions are outstanding for eliminating added costs and process inefficiencies. 

Advantages of HIPAA-Compliant Digital Fax Solutions

The need for physical equipment is significantly reduced when transitioning from a desktop fax. Your practice will save time, money, and space while maintaining the security of its HIPAA-protected health data. 

Digitally sending documents via the internet will speed up the workflows and limits the use of physical paperwork. Here are the five advantages of transforming data online instead using an antiquated fax machine. 

1. Cost reduction

The initial costs of buying a fax machine for a healthcare practice could appear to be minimal. However, the price of ink, paper, toner, fax lines, software upgrades, and maintenance costs can quickly mount up over time. Not to mention the cost that arises from issues with loss of faxes or referrals. 

Practices must spend thousands to maintain and operate these current-day paperweights. A digital fax solution like Medsender can cut down the additional costs of fax machines while optimizing business workflows and reducing administrative task hours.

2. Simplify Workflows

Most medical practice operations include complex workflows and redundancies. Streamlining workflows and leveraging automation is the largest trend in healthcare administration. 

Cloud fax services allow businesses to work more efficiently and stress-free. There are several inefficiencies in the paper version of communication when managing multiple documents across various devices.  With digital fax, documents can be digitally signed and sent with a click of a mouse. This ensures a simple workflow that eventually better practices productivity and growth. 

3. Ease of Access

In today's fast-paced world, no one has time to wait for documents via Fax and forwarded to another practice by scanning and printing again. Paper faxes also impeded visibility to where a document is and who needs access to it. 

Cloud fax services allow you to send and receive documents in a centralized portal so only people who need access to it, have it. You can also assign tasks and notes to individual documents, further improving administrative efficiencies. Medsender integrates with various EMRs that streamline healthcare faxing and document transfers. 

4. Improve Security

Because of the possibility of document loss, human error, and hackers, paper-based faxing is extremely vulnerable to security breaches. Paper can be misplaced or even sent to the wrong person. To avoid such risks, cloud fax services provide streamlined business solutions that protect vital information securely. Medsender’s digital fax and automation platform give an array of security layers, including data encryption, auto vulnerability checks, and secure data centers. 


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