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Get faxes automatically into patient charts

Spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time helping patients with Medsender's cutting-edge AI technology.

Tap into the power of AI to work smarter,
not harder

Automate your repetitive, manual tasks

Medsender uses artificial intelligence to auto-categorize your faxes, and recognize patient details. So you don’t have to waste time sorting through the obvious.

AI-powered recognition

Medsender AI automatically reads, labels and fills in record details like patient name, date of birth, and type of document (e.g. referral, refill, labs).

Auto-upload to your EMR

Faxes are automatically labeled and uploaded to the correct patient chart. You don’t have to lift a finger.

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 “Now I can put all our remote workers on Medsender and they can be getting a fax sitting at their home miles away. It’s been huge for us.”

Admin Manager at Teeter Orthotics

This is the must-have add-on (for your EMR). It's so easy to use and I can't imagine running my practice without Medsender.

Nahera A., MD
Adams Medical Group
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