Security Features

Secure faxing and data management for healthcare

Secure Digital Faxing

Medsender’s digital-fax and AI solution is built on a secure platform and meets or exceeds industry standards set by HIPAA. 

All secure fax data uses end-to-end encryption with access monitoring and log tracking.  All API access first passes through Medsender’s firewalls and must first be authenticated for access. 

Medsender networks are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and leverage intrusion detection. Servers are hosted with a best-in-class provider whose security stack continuously adds progressive layers that deliver top defense and security measures.

Data Backup

Data transmitted through Medsender’s HIPAA-compliant fax solution is backed up every 24 hours. In addition to a formal backup strategy and implementation process, Medsender’s product team has a recovery policy in place if data recovery is needed. 

Physical Security & Data Safeguards

Medsender servers are in secure facilities and protect information from unauthorized access, tampering, theft or damage.  Procedures are in place to validate and control all facility access through smart locks and visitor logging. 

Learn how Medsender not only complies with HIPAA, but builds a better, more secure environment to mitigate risks. You can read our HIPAA statement here

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