Security & Compliance

Medsender's security protocols and HIPAA-compliance standards are a top priority. We ensure client data is safeguarded throughout transmission and cloud storage.

Medsender Ensures Cutting-Edge Protection of Client Data

At Medsender, we recognize the significance of security and compliance. Our platform harnesses cutting-edge technologies, including Google Cloud webservers, and incorporates supplementary security layers. This ensures that healthcare practices operate with both confidence and adherence to compliance standards.

Medsender is SOC 2 type 1 compliant, which ensures that our systems and processes meet stringent security and confidentiality standards, providing assurance to healthcare organizations that patient data and other critical information are handled with the highest level of protection.

  • Google Cloud infrastructure provides best-in-class security
  • Leading firewall technology plus intrusion detection.
  • Routine security assessments conducted on a daily basis
  • Decentralized protection against DDoS attacks
Platform Security
  • End-to-end encryption employing access controls to guarantee data decryption solely for authorized inquiries.
  • Stored and transmitted document encryption: 256-bit SSL, 2048-bit private keys in addition to other layers of encryption
  • Session restrictions and logouts with user inactivity
  • HIPAA-Compliant with BAAs enforced across all vendors we work with.
  • Privacy procedures, training and documentation.
  • Regular vulnerability testing and security checks.
  • Centralized user management

Physical Security & Data Safeguards

Data Warehouse
  • Medsender servers are in secure facilities with strict access only to authorized personnel
  • Access controls, advanced lock systems and visitor logging
  • All cloud servers, platform servers and databases are located in secure facilities
  • Identity and access management controls
  • Usage monitoring, activity audits and compliance check points

Additional Security

We're proud to partner with the leader in SOC 2 type 1 and HIPAA compliance monitoring, Vanta. Our real-time compliance dashboard can be found at this link.

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