Digital fax for healthcare

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We partner with best-in-class providers to improve efficiency, security, and cost-savings across the healthcare industry.
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Secure Fax for Healthcare


Medsender seamlessly integrates with the leading EMR platforms and adds a robust layer of digital documentation capabilities to the foundational software. Medsender offers enterprise-level API for customized integrations for organizations looking to scale.

Automated fax records for medical offices

Healthcare IT

For partners looking to offer advanced solutions for their customers, Medsender partners with Healthcare IT and consulting firms. Medsender adds robust AI-enabled tools to increase practice efficiency.

Digital record editing for healthcare


Medsender is the perfect solution for labs, with results pushed straight into patient charts. Most integrations can have hefty fees and take months, but Medsender provides same day integration with no fees.

Secure Fax for Healthcare

MedTech Solutions

We love partnering with other MedTech and SaaS platforms as a way to help mutual customers stay ahead  in an increasingly evolving healthcare-technology ecosystem.

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