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Medsender AI can auto-extract patient information from each fax. No fax servers, SIP lines, or telecom lines needed.

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api_instance = medsender.SentFaxesApi(medsender.ApiClient(configuration))    file = '/Users/Guest/Downloads/fax-test.pdf' # file | The file that you wish to send.    from_number = 'from_number_example' # str | Patient's DOB.    to_number = 'to_number_example' # str | Receiver's Number    patient_name = 'patient_name_example' # str | Patient's name. (optional)    patient_dob = 'patient_dob_example' # str | Patient's DOB. (optional)    sender_name = 'sender_name_example' # str | Sender's name. (optional)    recipient_name = 'recipient_name_example' # str | Recipient name. (optional)

try:    # Send PHI via Fax    api_response = api_instance.send_fax(file, from_number, to_number, patient_name = patient_name, patient_dob = patient_dob, sender_name = sender_name, recipient_name = recipient_name)    pprint(api_response)    except ApiException as e:    print("Exception when calling SentFaxesApi->send_fax: %s" % e)

SentFaxesApi sentFaxApi = new SentFaxesApi();    
File file = new File("/Users/Guest/Downloads/fax-test.pdf"); // File | The file to upload.    String patientName = ""; // String | Patient's name.    String patientDob = ""; // String | Patient's DOB.    String fromNumber = "+1111111111"; // String | Patient's DOB.    String toNumber = "+000000000"; // String | Receiver's Number    String senderName = "Name"; // String | Sender's name.    String recipientName = ""; // String | Recipient name.    

try {ApiSentFaxSuccessResponse result = sentFaxApi.sendDirectFax(file, patientName, patientDob, fromNumber, toNumber, senderName, recipientName);        System.out.println(result);    } catch (Exception ignored) {        System.err.println("Exception when calling SentFaxesApi#sendDirectFax");        e.printStackTrace();    }

$apiInstance = new MedsenderPHI\Api\SentFaxesApi(    
new GuzzleHttp\Client(),    
$file = "/path/to/file.pdf";
$from_number = 'your_fax_number';
$to_number = '9174732192';
$patient_name = 'Philip J. Fry';
$patient_dob = '1974-08-14';
$note = 'This document is a patient referral';
$sender_name = 'Dr. Hubert Farnsworth';
$recipient_name = 'Dr. John Zoidberg';
$document_type = '';
$callback_url = '

try {    
$result = $apiInstance->sendFax($file, $from_number, $to_number, $patient_name, $patient_dob, $note, $sender_name, $recipient_name, $document_type, $callback_url);    
print_r($result);} catch (Exception $e) {    echo 'Exception when calling SentFaxesApi->sendFax: ', $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;

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