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Read what some of our customers have to say about our HIPAA-compliant fax solution.

Vital tool for our business

“It is so simple and quick to upload, modify or sign documents in Medsender. The AI features are awesome! It is accessible from anywhere and the customer service response time is fantastic. The development team is constantly making improvements to the platform, making an already amazing product even better! I only wish we moved from our old fax system sooner!”

Source: Sourceforge

Innovation at its BEST

"The ability to store & access files in a software with patient names and date of birth is like no other. We are able to utilize the incoming faxes as a working queue of what is pending vs complete. We also utilize the uploaded faxes to store fillable forms. I wish we found it sooner..."

Source: Sourceforge

HIPAA compliant faxing out of Kareo

“We are now able to easily send HIPAA compliant faxes out of Kareo, especially for orders. Previously we had no method of doing this as Kareo does not allow electronic faxing of orders. Incoming faxes are also managed in a HIPAA compliant manner...”

Source: Software Advice

HIPAA Compliant Fax & Email at the lowest price you'll see

“Medsender helped me solve my biggest problem, which was how to send Superbills to clients in a HIPAA compliant way. This has helped me become completely paperless. This also replaced my other, very expensive, online fax service & Medsender is just as good at a fraction of the price."

Source: Capterra

No more faxes!

Medsender’s website is very user friendly! Their digital fax solution has saved me so much time and energy by eliminating my need for a fax machine.

Source: SourceForge

Electronic faxes made easy

“We use this product across 4 medical offices  and receive dozens of faxes electronically each day. Medsender makes it extremely easy to track, locate and forward these documents. We can do faxing for all our locations from one central database.

Source: SourceForge

Medsender is life changing

Medsender has changed our practice by providing a safe HIPAA- compliant system that integrates with our EMR. The best part of Medsender is it's all electronic and very user-friendly. I would recommend Medsender to any business looking to improve their current faxing and secure emailing system.

Source: G2

Simply the best fax & email solution out there

"The ability to send a HIPAA-compliant email to any patient without the need for a patient portal or remembering another login to get access to the documents is the best. Also, this has a seamless integration with my EMR. They have excellent tech support that is very quick and responsive. Lastly, they are much cheaper than any other online fax solution I could find."

Source: G2

This has been huge help to me!

This has saved me the cost of faxing with ISP, cost of paper, equipment, etc. Also secures access to records but stores them efficiently. In the long run it will save space that would be taken up with paper.

Source: Capterra

Bye, Bye Fax Machine

"Best customer service of ANY software service provider.

I’s a very simple product that negates the use of my fax machine. In fact, I never have to go use that device again! That’s very exciting for our team. I look forward to all the future capabilities the platform will have which will enhance efficiency and improve productivity."

Source: Capterra
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