AI for Referral Processing

Medsender’s AI Medical Assistant automatically reads referrals, creates patient charts in the EHR, validates insurance, and schedules appointments. 

Automate referral processing end-to-end with AI

Detect Incoming Referrals

Medsender AI automatically identifies and captures patient referrals coming from various channels, such as email, fax, HIEs, or electronic health record (EHR) systems, ensuring that no referral goes unnoticed and that patients receive timely care.

Fax data entry automation

Create Patient Charts

Medsender AI streamlines new patient onboarding by automating the creation of patient charts in the EHR. It pulls in necessary information from referrals such as insurance, demographics, diagnoses, and more. Set up a new comprehensive medical record in seconds. Stay in control: New charts will only be created for new patients you choose to accept.

EMR fax integration

Schedule Patient Appointments

Automate the scheduling of patient appointments based on availability, patient preference, and urgency of care. Medsender automatically sends confirmation messages to patients, integrating with digital calendars to reduce no-shows and ensure efficient use of healthcare resources.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive insights into every step of your referral management process, this feature generates detailed reports and analytics without manual data entry. Medsender AI tracks metrics such as referral volume, source, conversion rate, time-to-first contact, and time-to-appointment, enabling healthcare organizations to optimize their referral processes and improve patient outcomes.

Fax data entry automation
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[The AI components] are very exciting for our team. I look forward to all the future capabilities the platform will have which will enhance efficiency and improve productivity.

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Overwhelmingly positive. The platform is extremely user friendly, with robust features and excellent customer service."

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