How to Edit Online Faxes Within Your Platform

Many medical practices use an online fax solution to optimize their time and office space. However, a significant bottleneck that many users face is their inability to easily sign and edit their documents quickly in order to fax or upload into their EHR. The workflow that many use includes printing out their document, making their changes with pen and paper, and scanning it back into their computer. Others may have to download a fax, edit it in a separate PDF editor, and re-download. For example, certain fax solutions, such as RingCentral, do not give their users editing capability within their platform.

Seamless Document Editing

Medsender simplifies document management not only as a HIPAA-compliant electronic fax solution, but also as a platform where users can edit documents directly within its platform. This eliminates the need for additional software or any other cumbersome manual process. Users can sign, type on, highlight, adjust the page order, and merge documents – all within the Medsender interface. This functionality allows for efficient and real-time document editing, significantly reducing the turnaround time and avoiding the hassle of downloading, editing, and re-uploading files. With Medsender, users can make changes on the fly, enhancing productivity and streamlining their document management.

Simplified Signatures

While obtaining signatures is a critical aspect of document management, Medsender simplifies this process. Users can sign online faxes directly within the platform and also request a signature to whomever they are faxing to. This feature saves significant time by eliminating manual printing, scanning, downloading, and even using a separate PDF editor. Additionally, Medsender is 100% HIPAA-compliant, ensuring the security of electronic signatures.

Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in the healthcare industry, where multiple stakeholders need to review and contribute to important documents. Medsender recognizes this need and facilitates seamless collaboration among users. Through the platform, multiple users can access, review, and edit documents simultaneously, ensuring efficient teamwork and eliminating version control issues. This collaborative environment empowers practices to work together in real time, promoting effective communication and enabling faster decision-making. Whether it is a medical report, consent form, or any other document, Medsender’s collaboration features foster the practice’s productivity.

Medsender’s all-in-one platform allows users to seamlessly edit documents, collaborate, and request signatures without the need for external tools or convoluted workflows. While some fax solutions, such as RingCentral, do not offer an in-platform editing feature, users are forced to turn to manual editing, introducing potential errors and versioning discrepancies. Medsender empowers users to take control of their document management processes by providing an intuitive platform that enables seamless editing. 

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