How This Family Practice Saved Time & Money


Dr. Long, MD has a private practice, Crescent Beach Care, in the beautiful town of St. Augustine, Florida. Their mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care for the whole family.  In addition to providing urgent care, the practice is dedicated to maintaining health through preventative care and treating chronic diseases. 

Recently, Crescent Beach Care switched to Medsender from a different fax solution and has been able to greatly reduce staff hours and lower their overhead. 

The Crescent Beach Care team is composed of about 30 staff members, each with access to the Medsender platform.  “The ease of use is great, so that the whole team can easily utilize it with little training,” states Andi Manrique, Practice Manager. “It also keeps us all organized.“ 


Prior to the adoption of Medsender, the team at Crescent Beach Care was using a different digital fax system but had no visibility into where the faxes were going.  Not all digital fax solutions are created equal.  Just because a fax may come in digitally, the organization of those faxes are key. “We were not able to see all the faxes coming in and didn’t know what action needed to be taken for each,” stated Andi. 

Solving the problem: 

Medsender makes organizing faxes easy with a central location for incoming faxes. Each document is correctly labeled with patient information. 


The team at Crescent Beach Care has found the automated mapping to be greatly beneficial to practice operations. 

“There are labels on everything that comes through the platform, and the search is my favorite feature, “ explains Andi. “The platform is straightforward and easy to use, which was a key feature we were looking for.”

Even if you receive a fax that was scanned from a paper, the Medsender platform can still read the paper fax and correctly label it. The AI feature recognizes the patient’s name and recognizes who it’s from as well. 


Crescent Beach Care utilizes Kareo as its electronic health record (EHR) system. The Medsender platform is fully integrated with Kareo, so practices are to streamline and automate faxing and other document workflows directly with their EHR/EMR system.


The team at Crescent Beach Care has greatly reduced the time spent on data entry by several hours per week. “We were going to hire a staff member just to handle incoming records, but we no longer need to hire an additional full-time employee.” 

The savings of not having to hire a full-time administrative employee are considerable. The practice would be saving upwards of 60K per year. The cost savings go beyond staff resources. With Medsender’s AI communication platform, not only can practices reduce staff hours but can save thousands per month just on hefty maintenance costs. Reducing the amount of paper, toner and other supply costs can also greatly reduce practice overhead. 


We asked Andi, Practice Manager, what she would tell another practice the number one reason to switch to Medsender would be. 

“Ease of use! Medsender was so easy to deploy across the practice. With paper faxes - even other digital fax solutions -  you are flying blind. Several people may be looking at the document and you have no idea where it is or where it needs to go. With Medsender you can assign tasks, add a note, and have it accessible digitally, all in one place,” explains Andi. 

Medsender provides a seamless platform that helps practices operate more efficiently and reduce costs.  “Everyone should be using this,” states Dr. Long. 

“We’ve seen an all-around organization efficiency improvement after implementing Medsender. We couldn’t be happier.”

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