8 Steps to Grow Your Practice

Every medical practice small and large should always be looking for ways to grow and become more efficient.  This article spotlights some techniques on how medical practices can improve growth, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction of their practice.

1. Improve Your Website’s Performance and Purpose

Even if you’re a top-notch medical practitioner nobody will know where to find you unless they know how to look for you. Your website represents your business, it is the first impression patients will get when they are looking for your specialty.  

Even if you already have a website, it’s important to keep the design modern and appealing. Similar to your waiting room, you wouldn’t want dated, old furniture greeting patients as they walk in but rather a fresh, clean, and inviting entrance. 

This is also your chance to let prospective patients know who you are. It is your billboard and resume.  The more content you can include the better as this also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Techniques and content optimization strategies on a website help google index or rank your website based on certain searches or queries a patient is making. 

While you may think you are obviously a dermatology clinic, for example, the search engines don’t know that from a logo or picture.  They need to be able to read it. 

This became even more crucial during the pandemic when patients were looking to execute simple actions on a website, like scheduling an appointment, checking availability for services and all-around communication. 

2. Keep Changing With the Times

Everyone is seeing the pandemic as a unique time. The companies that changed and adapted during this unique period of time were the ones that prospered.

In the pandemic-ravaged world, the concept of doing regular work online seemed a little odd at first, but as people’s perspectives widened, it offered up more modern opportunities like telemedicine and virtual consultations with medical professionals.

It’s paramount to continue to embrace accessibility to telemedicine, which was accepted during the epidemic since insurance companies and Medicare would pay for it but have retained its popularity as an additional option for time-strapped patients. 

3. Work On Your Social Media Profiles

It goes without saying that favorable client reviews are the best form of advertising for your company. Use this opportunity to highlight great reviews on all social platforms. You can type one onto an image and share the image across profiles. 

Don’t forget Google Maps, which many times may appear above your website when patients search for you. Make sure the information listed in the business listing is accurate and visually appealing with photos. 

4. Keep in Touch With Existing Patients

Keeping in touch with your existing customers can help you generate more revenue for your practice, but more importantly, will improve loyalty.  Set up an email campaign that sends automated emails with healthy tips, reminders, or seasonal information.  

5. Embrace New Tools and Become a Tech-Enabled Practice 

Changing with the times is crucial for ultimate success - across all businesses and industries. When it came to the pandemic, only technology helped us maneuver through uncharted territory.  You were either left scrambling to modernize or ahead of the game. 

Even if you are currently using software to help improve your practice’s efficiency, your software has to be updated to include the latest features and offerings. Legacy software, although still, a type of technology can still drag down efficiencies.  New technology is always being developed so it’s important to see if your current EMR or communication system is up to par. 

6 Transition to a digital fax and automation platform   

With the introduction of digital fax and EMR systems, the physical fax machine has become obsolete and inefficient. Known for their resistance to change, 60% of hospitals have shifted to digital fax. Digital fax solutions like Medsender allow practices to securely send and receive HIPAA-compliant medical files with ease. It is a cost-effective method to share documents without the maintenance of equipment or the threat of misplacing faxes and referrals. 

Medsender also has an AI-enabled feature that automatically maps patient records, eliminating the need for data entry. This decreases the need for staff data entry, so they can focus on growing the practice in the ways mentioned in this article. 

7. Expand your services

One of the best ways to grow is to offer your patients auxiliary or synergistic services they can get in the same place, with the same people they know and trust. Invest in the equipment and learn the procedures that are current and people are actively looking for. 

8. Always Be Responsive

The pandemic has changed everything, so you must keep in mind that the things that worked in the past may not be effective now. People are getting accustomed to accessibility and information in real time.   Make sure they can reach you during office hours or perhaps even chat with a quick question. This chat could be directed to an SMS app on your front desk mobile phone. 

They’ll appreciate that added service and offer that stellar review you can put on the website or post on your newly improved social media profile.

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