How a Podiatry Practice Scaled Their Operations with Automated Workflows

Company Overview

Dr. Micheal Lenertz, DPM, PA operates a private podiatry practice in Paris, Texas, covering a vast geographic area from Oklahoma to Dallas. Serving 4,000 active patients, the practice handles a high volume of foot and wound care, especially for diabetic patients. The practice is supported by a five-person team, including Hope Hughes, the Medical Billing Manager, Quality Officer, and MIPS Specialist.


After transitioning to a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system in 2020, Dr. Lenertz’s practice faced significant inefficiencies in handling fax communications. Incoming faxes arrived in TIFF format, requiring manual conversion to PDF before being uploaded to the EMR. Outgoing faxes needed to be printed, faxed manually, and then shredded. This laborious process resulted in substantial time wasted on repetitive tasks, creating a bottleneck in managing the high volume of paperwork, orders, and lab requests. With approximately 29 referrals daily and recurring Medicare billing every 62 days, the team struggled to maintain efficiency and timely patient service.

Hope Hughes described the issue: “If we got a fax it would come through in TIFF format which we had to convert to PDF to read. To get it into the system we manually download it, switch it, then re-upload and label it.”


To address these inefficiencies, the practice adopted Medsender, an integrated, HIPAA-compliant faxing, email, and forms solution. After a brief trial, Hughes and the team immediately recognized Medsender as the solution to their faxing challenges. Medsender facilitated seamless integration with the EMR system, automatically converting incoming faxes to PDF and allowing them to be directly uploaded with intelligent labeling. This eliminated the need for manual conversion and handling, significantly streamlining the faxing process.

Hughes recalls, “We set up a trial, and we instantly knew it was what we needed. I think it took us half a day to decide.”


  • Time and Resource Savings: Implementing Medsender transformed the practice's workflow, eliminating time-consuming workarounds and reducing reliance on printing and paper. The practice saved hours daily, as every fax was already in PDF format and easily uploaded to the EMR. “Time saved is one of the biggest benefits of implementing Medsender,” said Hughes. “We don’t need another full or part-time team member just to cope.”
  • Reduced Resource Consumption: The practice drastically cut down on paper usage, going from consuming two boxes of paper (10,000 sheets) per month to minimal paper usage by keeping forms in the cloud. Hughes stated, “If we need a form sent somewhere, I just fill them out and send them on. It is that easy.”
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Medsender enabled the practice to respond to fax requests in real-time, improving patient service by allowing for immediate information or signature processing while patients were still in the office. Hughes emphasized the impact: “That means less time that patients have to sit around and wait. We can do things in real-time while they are in the office and not worry about getting back to them later.”
  • Operational Efficiency: Medsender fit seamlessly into daily operations, benefiting all team members, from receptionists to clinical assistants. Hughes also noted the flexibility it provided for remote work: “It allows me to work primarily from home. I don’t really need to go to the office.”

“We plan to change the EMR as soon as possible, but we are keeping Medsender. It saves us hours every day — we don’t need another full or part-time team member just to cope.” - Hope Hughes, Medical Billing Manager

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