Streamlining Healthcare Communications: How Medsender Transformed Fax Efficiency for Prosthetic & Orthotics Group

Company Overview

Prosthetic & Orthotics Group is a community-oriented practice with clinics in 11 locations across California and Colorado. The company specializes in the evaluation, design, measurement, manufacture, and fitment of high-quality prosthetic and orthotic devices. The group has clinical, support, and staff totaling around 50 people.


With a sizable team across a diverse practice area and HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality requirements to meet, the P&O group was looking for an efficient way to coordinate and distribute their fax communications. Integrating with their existing systems — Nymbl for the group cloud-based EMR, and Waystar for their back-office and RCM — was a priority.

The group wanted to save time, physical resources, and consumables while improving communications within its systems and teams. Its legacy combination of RingCentral and traditional faxing was problematic and required tedious manual intervention for even their most basic tasks. “We received faxes electronically, but then we’d need to access the server, print the fax, and upload it to Nymbl to share,” explains Michelle Harper, the P&O Groups Operations Manager.

Harper was seeking seamless integration with the P&O group’s systems. “It's a single portal for everyone,” she says. “As an admin, I can see everything coming and going. Now we move information back and forth between all of our offices and infrastructure electronically instead of having to download and print it.”


The Medsender interface was quickly adopted by P&O Group’s practitioners and staff. “Anytime you bring a new system into the office, there's always going to be somebody that doesn't see the value,” says Harper. “With Medsender… I can show someone how to review and merge documents and delete unnecessary information or upload to Nymbl in 10 minutes and they are like, ‘Oh, this is easy, I get it.’”

Overall, Medsender saves P&O Group a significant amount of time, paper, and expenses. Turnaround times have also improved. “The custom templates make a big difference. We just type in our fax cover sheets,” says Harper. “All said, we save at least thirty minutes of working time, per person, per day, and we have between three and five employees per office. One of our offices gets bombarded daily with faxes from the hospitals they work with. That is a lot of pages we don’t have to print or process manually.”

Harper and the group turned to Medsender, the AI-assisted, HIPAA compliant, fax, and healthcare messaging platform. Medsender’s interoperability and enterprise-level scalability proved an ideal match for the group’s requirements. “When I learned that Medsender had Nymbl and Waystar integration, I was sold," Harper admits.

The P&O group’s remote and mobile team members affected by COVID 19 restrictions also saw the benefits. “It’s like being in the office,” says Harper. “We can always get into Medsender, upload documents, and send information out. Our Denver mobile group loves it because they can see all their faxes at any time. Before Medsender they were never sure where their faxes were.”


  • Medsender saves at least thirty minutes of working time per person, per day, across the P&O Group's offices, totaling between three to five employees per office.
  • The need for printing and manual processing of faxes has been completely eliminated
  • Medsender provides a visible and transparent platform for fax communications, benefiting both remote and in-office staff.
“Everybody loves it, and it has created so much value. Medsender just makes a lot of sense. It’s very user-friendly and it has saved us a ton of paper.” - Michelle Harper, P&O Operations Manager

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