Willamette ENT Salem: Revolutionizing Workflow Efficiency & Saving Over 150 Manual Hours

Company Overview

Willamette ENT Salem specializes in the treatment of conditions that affect the ears, nose, throat, and facial features. They have a pre-authorization department, scheduling, audiology, surgery center, and clinic all consisting of about 80 employees based in the mid Willamette Valley.


In October 2023, Willamette ENT Salem grew increasingly dissatisfied with their fax service.  The inefficiencies of their faxing system hindered transparency, led to frequent failed transmissions, and incurred additional costs. On top of that, staff was overwhelmed with the manual review of faxes and opening PDFs, lacking any automation or streamlined process.

Recognizing faxing as a major obstacle to their employees’ productivity, ENT Salem sought to leverage AI and fax automation technologies to enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.


Willamette was in the process of renegotiating their fax service contract when they decided to explore alternative options. After conducting a demo with Medsender, Adam Frank, IT Manager at ENT Salem, noted that "Medsender checked all our boxes and more.”

The integration of Medsender swiftly and substantially streamlined workflows at Willamette ENT Salem. It promptly eradicated the necessity to export, upload, and monitor fax progress. Staff now effortlessly push documents, specify fax numbers, and track statuses directly through Medsender. ENT Salem staff no longer felt worried about where a document was and where it went. Medsender AI simplified medical document management by automating tasks like digitizing, processing, and securely transmitting documents such as PDFs. Extracting information and tracking documents became a lot more seamless with Medsender. “Records get sent out much faster, more reliably, and so we are able to process more requests with less manpower,” said Frank.

A decisive factor for Willamette was Medsender's cost-effectiveness, leading to savings of hundreds of dollars per month. Additionally, Medsender AI usage was precise and data entry errors were nearly zero for ENT Salem staff. The user-friendly interface was easily introduced to the staff and facilitated a smooth onboarding process. The ENT Salem team was able to train a handful of key users quickly due to Medsender’s intuitive interface. The Medsender team made the transition seamless enhancing efficiency and simplifying management tasks for the staff.


  • Remote workers now process incoming documents with just one-third of the previous steps.
  • Medsender AI is saving ENT Salem over 5 hours per day, streamlining their operations significantly.
  • The office reports monthly savings of up to $500, equating to over $6,000 annually, since adopting Medsender.
  • Medsender AI has substantially lightened the manual workload for staff. The number of employees involved in faxing and referral processes has been reduced by 25%.
  • Overall, Willamette ENT Salem is saving 150+ hours a month with Medsender.

"If I started a new job at another medical facility tomorrow, I would just give Medsender a call. I would not even shop." - Adam Frank, IT Manager

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