Frontier Dermatology: Achieving Same-Day Processing with Medsender AI

Company Overview

Frontier Dermatology is the largest physician-owned dermatology practice in the Pacific Northwest, with 35 locations and 110 providers.


In 2023, Frontier Dermatology found their administrative workload becoming increasingly challenging. In particular, dealing with faxed documents such as new patient referrals required significant labor hours. With a referral team of 12 members handling about 5,000 referrals monthly, tasks like downloading documents, uploading them into patient charts, and locating specific faxed referrals led Frontier to spend an average of 5 to 7 days processing a new patient referral.

Recognizing workflow inefficiencies as a major obstacle, Frontier looked to implement technology to boost productivity and create efficiency for their team.


Frontier researched and evaluated multiple solutions but after demoing Medsender made the swift decision to switch to Medsender. Quickly, the Frontier team was able to automate their faxing workflow across the organization and saw an immediate difference. “With Medsender AI, in most cases, we are now able to do same-day processing,” said Carly Mathena, Frontier Dermatology’s Referral Manager.

What truly swayed Frontier was the integration of Medsender AI into their administrative processes. Before adopting Medsender, a staff member at each clinic had to manually open every fax, read its contents, re-name and categorize the document, and assign it to the appropriate patient. With Medsender, this process became automated.

Medsender AI allowed Frontier to set keywords to triage urgent referrals, create new patient charts with minimal manual data entry, and search for a patient by their name, date of birth, or referring practice. In addition to making calls for referral scheduling, Frontier now sends text messages as well. With easy texting capabilities, Frontier can now send self-scheduling links to patients, allowing them to book appointments at their convenience.

Consolidating patient information, tracking, and communication into a single platform was a significant advantage of switching to Medsender. Previously, staff had to juggle various platforms for tracking, faxing, and calling patients. With Medsender, everything was seamlessly integrated into one user-friendly platform, streamlining management and navigation for the staff.


  • Integration of create new chart button saves 3 minutes for every referral with no more need to manually create charts in EMA
  • 15% increase in scheduling rate with SMS scheduling through Medsender
  • Staff was able to focus on patient care and experience rather than trivial tasks of administration
  • Overall, Frontier saved 3-5 minutes per referral totalling up to about 500+ hours saved by staff every month

"Being able to search for things easily because that data is already extracted with the AI. I'd say that is the biggest game changer for our team.”      - Nalani Gabbert, Referral Lead
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