How To Choose the Right Fax Solution for Your Practice

Faxing has been a universal staple in the world of healthcare, as providers rely on it as a secure and reliable way to transmit documents. As technology is evolving and the world is transitioning to electronic means of communication, choosing the right fax solution is paramount to an efficient practice. There are a few factors that providers should consider when choosing a fax solution: 

1. Your Practice Needs

Evaluating your practice’s specific needs is the first step you should take before seeking out the right fax solution. This includes evaluating your fax volume, in terms of the amount of pages your practice sends and receives. Electronic fax companies often have different plans or packages, based on page volume. In addition to basic faxing, there are solutions that provide additional and advanced features that may make your office workflow easier. For example, if you often need to sign faxed documents or send documents that need a signature, some fax solutions, such as Medsender, include these e-signature and editing capabilities. Rather than using a third party for other administrative tasks, Medsender includes these additional features in one platform. Many online fax solutions offer you to schedule a free demo, where you can view how their solution works and what additional features they offer that would benefit your practice. 

2. Time and Cost Savings
One reason to choose an electronic fax solution is because it saves a significant amount of time and money. A fax machine requires the baggage of maintenance – paper, toner, ink, phone lines, and repair. Choosing the most cost-effective and time saving solution for you will make your practice more productive. 

3. Security and Compliance

While patient confidentiality is of utmost importance in healthcare, making sure the fax solution you choose is 100% HIPAA-compliant is pivotal to your medical practice. Using a traditional paper fax machine also puts documents at a higher risk of being lost or misplaced. This is one reason why online fax is becoming more apparent throughout the medical community. However, not all electronic fax solutions are HIPAA-compliant; therefore, making sure the solution you choose is HIPAA-compliant would make your communication more secure. 

Putting the practice’s needs, time and cost savings, and security into account is imperative when choosing the fax solution for your practice. Scheduling a free demo with your options will give you the best picture to see if they are able to meet your practice’s needs.

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