3 Ways Medsender’s AI Will Save Your Medical Practice Time

As medical practices struggle to balance administrative tasks, patient care, and keeping up to date with the latest research and treatments, artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to vastly improve their efficiency and productivity. Specifically, Medsender’s AI has alleviated the burden of clerical work by streamlining medical practices’ workflows in three ways: 

1. Seamless Integration with Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs)

Many practices hassle with printing out documents or scanning them into the patient’s chart. With Medsender’s AI, the process of managing electronic faxes becomes seamless by integrating with your electronic medical record system (EMR). Medsender automatically pulls the patient’s name and date of birth from the faxed document, ensuring accurate and automatic attachment to the patient’s chart. Not only does the integration streamline the practice workflow, but also eliminates the need for manual data entry as it reduces the risk of errors. 

2. Automated Fax Labeling and Organization

Traditionally, medical practices have to manually sort and organize incoming faxes, wasting valuable time and increasing risk of error or losing documents. Medsender’s AI eliminates this tedious process by automatically labeling incoming faxes based on their content. By analyzing the document, Medsender recognizes key information, such as patient names, dates of birth, and relevant medical details, accurately categorizing and labeling each fax accordingly. This not only saves hours of manual work but also ensures important documents are promptly routed to the correct patient’s chart.

3. Simplifying healthcare communication

Not only does Medsender have a seamless integration with EMRs by sending and receiving faxes straight to and from the patient’s chart, but also HIPAA-compliantly simplifies communication with other providers or patients. Medsender gives the recipient the ability to electronically sign the document and enables the provider to store their own signature to use. In addition to signing capabilities, Medsender provides practices with robust collaboration and editing tools. Users can easily edit and annotate documents seamlessly online, eliminating the need for printing, downloading, scanning, and physically signing documents. Documents may also be assigned to specific departments within the practice and users may notify someone within the practice that a document must be reviewed.

By leveraging AI, Medsender liberates healthcare professionals from mundane administrative tasks and burnout, allowing them to focus on patient care and critical medical decisions. With seamless EMR integration, automated fax labeling, and time-saving collaboration and communication tools, Medsender empowers medical practices to reclaim precious hours, enhance accuracy, and deliver better patient outcomes.

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