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Medsender’s saved healthcare workers thousands (and thousands) of hours.

How this family practice saved
time and money

We’ve seen an all around practice efficiency improvement after implementing Medsender. We couldn’t be happier!”

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How Teter Orthotics transformed faxing across 20 locations

“Now I can put all our remote workers on Medsender and they can get a fax sitting at their home miles away. It’s been huge for us.”

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How Triad Behavioral centralized and streamlined multi-practice communications

“If you need a fax solution for your office, Medsender is an excellent choice. The cost is reasonable. Everything about it is user-friendly. It is one of the best products I have used, and I've used a lot through the years.”

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How Prosthetic & Orthotics Group improved their communications workflows

“With Medsender... I can show someone how to review and merge documents and delete unnecessary information or upload to Nymbl in 10 minutes and they are like, ‘Oh, this is easy, I get it.’”

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How a podiatry practice scaled their operations with integrated faxing

“Everyone loves it, from our receptionist to the clinical assistant who places surgery orders. It also allows me to work primarily from home. I don’t really need to go to the office. We use a lot of third-party software to fill the gaps in our current EMR, and Medsender is my favorite."

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