Reduce Stress & Costs While Boosting Practice Efficiency

How an AI-enabled digital communication platform can help increase revenue and efficiency 

While it may seem like a daunting task to take on a new process - or stand-up a new platform, the transition can be simpler than meets the eye. In fact only a few minutes. 

In the last few years healthcare practices have prioritized running a more efficient and profitable practice. Another top priority is staff satisfaction, and decreasing redundant administrative tasks. 

Medsender helps meet both of those organizational goals with its HIPAA-compliant digital fax solution. 

Medsender’s AI component reduces data entry by automating fax data to patient records. 

By cutting back on costly and inefficient paper processes, a digital, and secure fax solution is the path of modern healthcare practices. 

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Eliminating paper costs can lower practice expenses 

Between paper, toner, maintenance and equipment, medical practices are spending a significant amount of money on outdated paper processes. 

Healthcare practices have benefited from going paperless. Recent studies show cost savings between $600-$2,500 per month when transitioning to a digital communications solution. 

Automation saves time and improves staff satisfaction 

When considering time spent with data entry or sorting through paper faxes,  you can greatly increase employee efficiency and job satisfaction when streamlining your communications process. Medsender uses artificial intelligence to auto-categorize your faxes, and recognize patient details. So you don’t have to waste time sorting through the obvious.

In addition to eliminating the potential of lost or missed patient records.

With Medsender, your staff can focus on what matters most: caring for patients.  If achieving an increase in profitability, improving staff satisfaction, and reducing paperwork are goals for your practice, paperless processes can help you achieve these goals sooner than you think. If you’re unsure of where to start, let us help.

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