Our mission is to help healthcare professionals focus less on administrative work, and more on what really matters.

Our Mission

We believe that the way healthcare organizations communicate is broken—but it doesn't have to be.

We use the latest technology and artificial intelligence to eliminate the massive administrative burden that threatens the future of healthcare.

By challenging traditional methods and applying cutting-edge advancements to administrative operations, Medsender is committed to making healthcare communications faster, smarter, and safer than ever.

At Medsender, we understand how difficult it is to make healthcare administration cost-efficient. About 34% of most healthcare practices’ budgets go toward the time, personnel, and antiquated systems that manage administrative tasks alone. That’s why we’ve developed communications solutions designed to maximize efficiency, boost productivity, and significantly reduce the costs associated with the use of outdated hardware and software.

Our Platform

Medsender’s platform is designed to help practices work more efficiently through automation.  Our AI-enabled technology securely extracts patient information to automatically label, categorize, and organize documents within an intuitive, cloud-based interface.

We’re here to lessen the burden of redundant administrative tasks and help practices work more efficiently

Our Innovation

With a team of world-class engineers and healthcare experts, we have developed a platform leading the way in automated healthcare communications.  At Medsender, we know that we’re seeing only the beginning of AI capabilities within healthcare. That’s why we continue to develop smarter, faster, simpler ways to harness the power of AI and automation and make it accessible to all practices big and small.

Join the Team

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